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age 0 - 7

These 2 websites have many books:

book cover Tu peux (requires account)

bibliotheque des ameriques
book cover Clairice Bean - c'est moi (requires account)

book list
book list 2
Clairice Bean - c'est moi

age 7 - 12

Excellent bilingual browser books + video/audio (classic children's stories)
13 books - looks good childrensbooksforever
About 20 children's books (old books)
Book list (from public domain i think) Project Gutenberg

other books

Audio book list librivox

pay-to-read french books (digital / hardcopy)

age 0 - 7

Madeline amazon The Cat in the Hat
amazon ebay
Ines & son avocat amazon Un peu d'aventure amazon La suprise de Lilly amazon Le lapin et la lune amazon
book cover

age 7 - 12

Le Petit Prince amazon 10 bilingual tales in english and french amazon 10 bilingual bed-time stories amazon

Other books

amazon search Comme un million de papillons noirs (like a million black butterflies) amazon
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